H e r m i o n e
19 August 2012 @ 01:28 am
[Private to Harry Dresden.]

Helios told me that you are organizing a club that will unite Magic users within Luceti. While I was attending classes at Hogwarts, I co-founded a similar club called Dumbledore's Army. I have some ideas concerning how to best spend our time if you're open to suggestions?


How many Magic users - particularly those who use a wand or some other implement to focus their powers - are present in Luceti?

[Someone is making a list.]

I've been considering opening a shop - eventually - that caters to those who are comfortable with Magic. I am particularly skilled when it comes to brewing potions, which, for the most part, only require the right ingredients in the right order.

[She is greatly simplifying them.]

Of course I will need a space big enough to house the shop. Does anyone know of a place that might be suitable?

Furthermore, are there any job openings? I would prefer something in a library, but I'm not too picky. [All things considered, she would rather fill her day with work than sit around and worry about her friends and family.]