H e r m i o n e
[The weak light of dawn makes this feed barely visible. Hermione is standing outside, her arms crossed over her chest. Her sight is set on something before her, though what she's watching will have to remain a mystery to the viewer.

Off-screen, blue flames leap to life. The glow they give off is rather...eery. Hermione bottles them and sets them on the ground at her feet.]

This will probably do no good - [All the same, she's Hermione. She has to try. If she doesn't, she will always wonder.]

Bombarda Maxima! [A bright spell streaks through the early dawn air and hits the barrier surrounding all of Luceti. As she expected, nothing happens.]

Cave Inimicum. [Tiredly, the Witch drops to her knees and pulls her journal towards her. She begins to write.]

Consider explosive Potions. Be open to ingredients that could, in theory, be replaced.

[She rubs over her face and ties her hair back into a sloppy ponytail. After getting back onto her feet, she holds out her wand and hisses:]

Confringo! [Normal colored flames spark in the air near the barrier. Some of them even manage to bounce back and hit Hermione. She falls to the ground and quickly puts out her sleeve.]

I think I get the message. [Those words are said through gritted teeth. Oh but she's not done with you, barrier.]
H e r m i o n e
19 August 2012 @ 01:28 am
[Private to Harry Dresden.]

Helios told me that you are organizing a club that will unite Magic users within Luceti. While I was attending classes at Hogwarts, I co-founded a similar club called Dumbledore's Army. I have some ideas concerning how to best spend our time if you're open to suggestions?


How many Magic users - particularly those who use a wand or some other implement to focus their powers - are present in Luceti?

[Someone is making a list.]

I've been considering opening a shop - eventually - that caters to those who are comfortable with Magic. I am particularly skilled when it comes to brewing potions, which, for the most part, only require the right ingredients in the right order.

[She is greatly simplifying them.]

Of course I will need a space big enough to house the shop. Does anyone know of a place that might be suitable?

Furthermore, are there any job openings? I would prefer something in a library, but I'm not too picky. [All things considered, she would rather fill her day with work than sit around and worry about her friends and family.]