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2012-11-23 03:41 am

The Eighth Page: [V i d e o]

[A cloud of dust briefly obscures the picture Hermione's journal is transmitting. Once the dust dissipates, a room comes into view. Beams of sunlight filter through a dirty window, illuminating the disrepair of the room.

However Hermione doesn't look the least bit daunted. She is standing in the middle of the room, taking stock of every nook and every corner. There are several boxes at her feet - all of them carefully labeled in her neat handwriting.]

I think this will do. [She smiles at her journal, picking it up and showing any viewers the other side of the room.] Say hello to my new shop! I've been working on some useful concoctions and I will be posting a list of them next week.

[Her excitement is palpable. She is nearly bouncing in place and her cheeks are curiously flushed.]

First things first... I need to clean this place up. [With several motions of her wand, she calls forth a mop, a broom, a bucket of soapy water and towels.]

Mm I think I'll do this the hard way. [She tucks her wand away, drags her hair into a ponytail and grabs the mop.] But before I start...

What sort of remedies would you want this shop to offer? What obstacles do you find yourself encountering day in and day out that could, potentially, be eased or fixed by a potion?

Potions are not miraculous creations, I promise, but they can do surprising things. I'd like to hear your opinions on the matter.
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2012-10-29 12:19 am

The Seventh Page: [V i d e o]

I haven't celebrated Halloween since I was a little girl. [She frowns faintly.] That isn't entirely correct. Hogwarts did hold a Halloween feast, but no one dressed up like they do in the Muggle world.

[As she speaks, she rifles through a box. Someone has been "shopping".]

All things considered I would like to celebrate it properly again. [Smiling, Hermione shifts the camera and reveals a Medieval dress.] This is only the dress, of course. I've bought accessories to accompany it and I will be using some Magic to complete the effect.

[Opps. She's babbling. Again.]

If you're wondering... I've decided to dress like Shakespeare's Hermione from A Winter's Tale.

What do you think?
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2012-10-12 02:26 am
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The Sixth Page: [V i d e o]

[As promised to a certain Pirate Captain, Hermione is hard at work, attempting to carve a reasonable wand shape from a hunk of wood. Needless to say, it isn't easy work. She keeps breaking twigs and cutting her fingers on the splintered edges.]

Oh bollocks... [Bringing a cut finger to her lips, she suppresses a frustrated sigh.] I've never heard of a wood carving spell, but after working with this, I'm almost positive one exists. Otherwise wand-makers would be covered in splinters.

[To make matters worsemore interesting, she has no clue what to choose for a core. It's not like unicorns, phoenixes or dragons were -

Her eyes widen. There is a dragon in the village. But asking him for a heart-string would be awful.

Though if he were willing to part with a scale, she might be able to work with that...]

How does one ask a dragon for a scale?
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2012-09-27 02:43 am

The Fifth Page: [V i d e o | A c t i o n | T e x t]

[The weak light of dawn makes this feed barely visible. Hermione is standing outside, her arms crossed over her chest. Her sight is set on something before her, though what she's watching will have to remain a mystery to the viewer.

Off-screen, blue flames leap to life. The glow they give off is rather...eery. Hermione bottles them and sets them on the ground at her feet.]

This will probably do no good - [All the same, she's Hermione. She has to try. If she doesn't, she will always wonder.]

Bombarda Maxima! [A bright spell streaks through the early dawn air and hits the barrier surrounding all of Luceti. As she expected, nothing happens.]

Cave Inimicum. [Tiredly, the Witch drops to her knees and pulls her journal towards her. She begins to write.]

Consider explosive Potions. Be open to ingredients that could, in theory, be replaced.

[She rubs over her face and ties her hair back into a sloppy ponytail. After getting back onto her feet, she holds out her wand and hisses:]

Confringo! [Normal colored flames spark in the air near the barrier. Some of them even manage to bounce back and hit Hermione. She falls to the ground and quickly puts out her sleeve.]

I think I get the message. [Those words are said through gritted teeth. Oh but she's not done with you, barrier.]
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2012-07-21 05:26 am

The Second Page: [V i d e o]

[Private to Yurippe.] )

[Private to Pascal.] )

[Private to Luke Skywalker.] )

I wasn't sure about this place when I first arrived, but it is proving to be quite fascinating. I almost don't mind losing some of my abilities [Or, rather, the intensity of them.] in order to meet those I never thought I would [More like: "could meet".].

If Luceti really is located in another dimension, it makes me wonder how many other dimensions there might be. Of course visiting them and keeping a tally would probably be a nightmare, but it is interesting to think about.

[She is slowly braiding her hair, sitting cross-legged in a chair. Over-all, she looks much better than she had on her arrival.]

For those I haven't met, my name is Hermione Granger. [A faint smile crosses her lips.]
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2012-07-16 12:02 am
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The First Page: [V i d e o]

I haven't the slightest clue why I was brought to...? [What does she even call this place? A forest? A paradise? She doesn't feel entirely settled with calling her new surroundings the latter. Something is definitely off. After all, hadn't she been in the Headmaster's office at Hogwarts a moment ago?

Crossing her arms over her chest, she presses her lips together, a determined glint in her eyes.]

My name is Hermione Granger and I know for a fact that I did not choose to come here. Nor did I choose to have wings fastened onto my back.

[That part is quite curious. Bringing her somewhere against her will is one thing, but attaching wings to her back without her realizing it is another. She wonders if she had been rendered unconscious for awhile.]

Is there any way to rid myself of them? They are...cumbersome. [Not to mention they make her feel like a walking target.

She lowers her voice and adds in an undertone:]
It's a shame Luna didn't come with me. This seems like something out of The Quibbler.

[Rolling her shoulders to relieve some tension, she exhales.]

I have a number of questions for anyone who has the time. I've tried to speak to the villagers, but they're not terribly... [animate] ...helpful. I wonder if they're under some spell?

[Hermione shakes her head and shifts from foot to foot.]

I would sincerely appreciate any aid. Thank you.