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The Eighth Page: [V i d e o]

[A cloud of dust briefly obscures the picture Hermione's journal is transmitting. Once the dust dissipates, a room comes into view. Beams of sunlight filter through a dirty window, illuminating the disrepair of the room.

However Hermione doesn't look the least bit daunted. She is standing in the middle of the room, taking stock of every nook and every corner. There are several boxes at her feet - all of them carefully labeled in her neat handwriting.]

I think this will do. [She smiles at her journal, picking it up and showing any viewers the other side of the room.] Say hello to my new shop! I've been working on some useful concoctions and I will be posting a list of them next week.

[Her excitement is palpable. She is nearly bouncing in place and her cheeks are curiously flushed.]

First things first... I need to clean this place up. [With several motions of her wand, she calls forth a mop, a broom, a bucket of soapy water and towels.]

Mm I think I'll do this the hard way. [She tucks her wand away, drags her hair into a ponytail and grabs the mop.] But before I start...

What sort of remedies would you want this shop to offer? What obstacles do you find yourself encountering day in and day out that could, potentially, be eased or fixed by a potion?

Potions are not miraculous creations, I promise, but they can do surprising things. I'd like to hear your opinions on the matter.

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