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The Eighth Page: [V i d e o]

[A cloud of dust briefly obscures the picture Hermione's journal is transmitting. Once the dust dissipates, a room comes into view. Beams of sunlight filter through a dirty window, illuminating the disrepair of the room.

However Hermione doesn't look the least bit daunted. She is standing in the middle of the room, taking stock of every nook and every corner. There are several boxes at her feet - all of them carefully labeled in her neat handwriting.]

I think this will do. [She smiles at her journal, picking it up and showing any viewers the other side of the room.] Say hello to my new shop! I've been working on some useful concoctions and I will be posting a list of them next week.

[Her excitement is palpable. She is nearly bouncing in place and her cheeks are curiously flushed.]

First things first... I need to clean this place up. [With several motions of her wand, she calls forth a mop, a broom, a bucket of soapy water and towels.]

Mm I think I'll do this the hard way. [She tucks her wand away, drags her hair into a ponytail and grabs the mop.] But before I start...

What sort of remedies would you want this shop to offer? What obstacles do you find yourself encountering day in and day out that could, potentially, be eased or fixed by a potion?

Potions are not miraculous creations, I promise, but they can do surprising things. I'd like to hear your opinions on the matter.
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"Hey, if you needed any help with setting up the shop, I'd be happy to help. Could probably help with potions, too."
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"Not at all. This is what the magic group is all about, helping with projects like this."

I grinned.

"I'm probably going to be going there a lot once it's set up, after all."
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"Ah, in my experience magic is 90% legwork and prep anyway. Consider it a deal."
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[He pauses over this entry for a lot longer than he should. A strange part of him wants to be nice, actually offer to help...but he has absolutely no idea why. It didn't make sense at all. It's Granger. When the hell has she ever done anything for him? Civil behavior wasn't exactly common for them, not with everything happening at home. Instead he immediately squashes down that part and disregards how tired his brain suddenly feels before he chimes in.]

If I could create a potion to get rid of insufferable know-it-alls, I think my life would be fixed.
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Well then I'll have to call you out on false advertising. Really, Granger, such a shame that you have to get my hopes up and then crush them like that. Oh well.
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You find me to be immature? I'm hurt, mortally wounded by this accusation.

Honestly though, what makes you think this is going to work?
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[Well, that's a good question. He pauses for a moment because something's tugging at the back of his brain, trying to tell him that he used to actually do something for the good of the village.

But then he realizes exactly what he does.]

I've taught people magic on and off. People who wanted to learn. [Like Tsuzuki, Hisoka and Xion. He doesn't quite remember how those lessons started, but he remembers they did.]
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I wish there was such a thing as healing potions. That would be so useful.
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Really? So if you had a bad would that bled a lot, is there a potion that could heal that?
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Are they hard to learn?
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Being able to read minds.
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Something to compensate for missed sleep. My world had something similar called soldier pills. They would probably help people on missions.

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Perhaps I can set up a longer Battle Dome training scenario to test it. If it works well, I'll let you know.

[It's worth experimenting with, and she's heard the Battle Dome will stop short of killing anyone, in the event that the potion doesn't work as intended.]
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That's good to know. When would be a good time to come and pick some up?

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Ah-- I got it.

A potion that can provide a lifetime's amount of snacks!

[ Actually, he could use money for when he gets home, but that'd be too easy. ]

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[ Oh... :( ] Why?

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Wouldn't it be a matter of finding the right ingredients, then? [ But what does she means by the last part... ]
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Do you have any that can make people stronger?
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I was thinking physical, but... [ok, so he wasn't actually thinking per se when he asked that] What kinda side effects are there, usually?