bibliophile_annex: (♍ a rare lighter moment)
H e r m i o n e ([personal profile] bibliophile_annex) wrote2012-10-29 12:19 am

The Seventh Page: [V i d e o]

I haven't celebrated Halloween since I was a little girl. [She frowns faintly.] That isn't entirely correct. Hogwarts did hold a Halloween feast, but no one dressed up like they do in the Muggle world.

[As she speaks, she rifles through a box. Someone has been "shopping".]

All things considered I would like to celebrate it properly again. [Smiling, Hermione shifts the camera and reveals a Medieval dress.] This is only the dress, of course. I've bought accessories to accompany it and I will be using some Magic to complete the effect.

[Opps. She's babbling. Again.]

If you're wondering... I've decided to dress like Shakespeare's Hermione from A Winter's Tale.

What do you think?

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