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H e r m i o n e ([personal profile] bibliophile_annex) wrote2012-09-09 03:38 am

The Fourth Page: [A c c i d e n t a l V i d e o]

Lumos! [Light illuminates Hermione where she is sitting on her bed. With a flick of her wrist, the light goes away - yet she can still be seen. She makes a check on a piece of paper in front of her.]

I'd really like to avoid casting Melofors. Hm... Mimblewimble. That should be fun. Let's see, let's see...

What information shall I try to conceal? [Smiling faintly, she points her wand at her mouth - and thus her tongue.] Mimblewimble!

[The motion of her wand is actually rather complex, but Hermione finishes the spell quickly. Clearing her throat, she intones:]

I, Hermione Granger, know about Ho - [Her tongue curls back on itself and she very nearly chokes. Spluttering, she somehow manages to undo the curse wordlessly.]

That one definitely works. [She adds another check to her list.] Onto Mobiliarbus.

[As she says the last - or, rather, latest - spell, Hermione looks a bit...nostalgic. There are obviously memories tied to that one.]

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