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The Second Page: [V i d e o]

[Private to Yurippe.]

I'd like to hear more about your plans concerning sending a message to the Malnosso? I've tested my powers extensively [Between naps.] and they are greatly reduced. Regardless, if I can help, I will. I just need to know what direction you're taking.


[Private to Pascal.]

It's amazing the difference a little rest makes. [She looks much better. There is more color on her cheeks, her wounds are either healed or healing and her hair has been Charmed so the frizziness is gone.]

Have you explored the village? If not, I think we should start there and then branch out into the less obvious attributes of Luceti.


[Private to Luke Skywalker.]

Thank you again for coming to get me. If I can ever return the favor, please let me know?


I wasn't sure about this place when I first arrived, but it is proving to be quite fascinating. I almost don't mind losing some of my abilities [Or, rather, the intensity of them.] in order to meet those I never thought I would [More like: "could meet".].

If Luceti really is located in another dimension, it makes me wonder how many other dimensions there might be. Of course visiting them and keeping a tally would probably be a nightmare, but it is interesting to think about.

[She is slowly braiding her hair, sitting cross-legged in a chair. Over-all, she looks much better than she had on her arrival.]

For those I haven't met, my name is Hermione Granger. [A faint smile crosses her lips.]
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According to most physicists, the multiverse is thought to be near infinite. However, if I recall, there are at least three different schools of thought currently considered. It is a... very hypothetical topic and one I never took seriously until my arrival here in Luceti.

[She pauses for a moment and then grins.] I must admit, that as an anthropologist, the diversity of individuals here has been one of the few redeeming qualities of this place.
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I have to agree with you on that point. Really, the biggest downside to this place that I'm hearing about is the fact that we seem to be at the mercy of these "Malnosso-" which, admittedly, is a pretty big downside.
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H-Hermione? You're back?

[Oh man, how did he miss this?]
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[...Her, huh]

How old are you?
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...! [The familiar voice speaking gets her attention--moreso it's the name at the end of it that catches, although it doesn't take long to realize that Hermione is here without her memories. Again.

Well, that's what drawing boards were for, and starting over. It wouldn't be the first time in this place. So there will be a pause, and she'll take in what's said, and then smile a little. ... Well, she did still seem similar, even if this wasn't exactly the same Hermione she had once switched bodies with - but that was another matter, and long ago.]

There is a lot of opportunity to learn new things here, about various worlds and dimensions, so I don't think you'll find yourself growing bored any time soon. The idea is not to place any limits on what we are able to accept... although it's not always easy to do.
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There's probably as many dimensions are there are worlds represented here, if you want my opinion. Everyone is very different. Even those of us who come from Earth aren't necessarily from the same Earth. It's a little unnerving at first, but it can become very fun if you work it right.

Arsene Lupin III, by the way. Enchante, Hermione.
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No kidding, you look like a whole new you! [Probably because of the change of clothes rather than the hair or any of the finer details that completely zip past her, but oh well.]

I've kinda had a look around, but nothing super in-depth. So let's get to exploring! Maybe they have super secret Malnosso ruins lying around that haven't been uncovered for centuries!
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[video-private] (Almost missed this! Feel free to prod me next time if I dont see something!)

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[Luke appears on the camera]

Its no trouble, Hermione. People helped me at first, I'm just paying it forward. Its confusing at first, and I'm happy to help you get settled however I can.
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Or it may not be such a nightmare, since clearly the technology is there somehow, even if not in our hands, to take people from where we're all from specifically to here.

I'm Ivan, by the way. Vorpatril.
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Hermione?! It''s very nice to have you back here with us! [ Helios sounds rather chipper about this too if you couldn't tell. ]
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video; private

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Did you get a map yet? We can pick a place to talk about it. Journals are watched by the Malnosso so I'm not going to say anything that's not widely known over them, even if it's filtered.
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According to the Theory of Parallel Universes there is an infinite number of possible universes existing alongside one another. So it is entirely possible Luceti exists in a separate dimension from the ones we are familiar with.
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Well, I'd say there's about as many worlds out there as there all stars in the sky, but... that's just how it is where I'm from. Dunno if that applies to other universes or anything.

But it's good to see you again, Hermione! I know you probably don't remember me, but we spoke a few times before.

[Regardless of whether she remembers or not, he's still wearing a great big smile. Typical Ventus, really.]