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The Second Page: [V i d e o]

[Private to Yurippe.]

I'd like to hear more about your plans concerning sending a message to the Malnosso? I've tested my powers extensively [Between naps.] and they are greatly reduced. Regardless, if I can help, I will. I just need to know what direction you're taking.


[Private to Pascal.]

It's amazing the difference a little rest makes. [She looks much better. There is more color on her cheeks, her wounds are either healed or healing and her hair has been Charmed so the frizziness is gone.]

Have you explored the village? If not, I think we should start there and then branch out into the less obvious attributes of Luceti.


[Private to Luke Skywalker.]

Thank you again for coming to get me. If I can ever return the favor, please let me know?


I wasn't sure about this place when I first arrived, but it is proving to be quite fascinating. I almost don't mind losing some of my abilities [Or, rather, the intensity of them.] in order to meet those I never thought I would [More like: "could meet".].

If Luceti really is located in another dimension, it makes me wonder how many other dimensions there might be. Of course visiting them and keeping a tally would probably be a nightmare, but it is interesting to think about.

[She is slowly braiding her hair, sitting cross-legged in a chair. Over-all, she looks much better than she had on her arrival.]

For those I haven't met, my name is Hermione Granger. [A faint smile crosses her lips.]
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[He does perk up a bit at that.] I-I hope so, too! I'll probably see you in the library. I mean, uh, I spend a lot of time there.

[And in times past, she did, too.]
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I-I'll look forward to it, too! [Even if she doesn't remember, it'll be nice to see a familiar face and get to know her again.] See you, Hermione.