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Notes [Theories]


[Part One: Anatole, The Ruins & The Mist]

[Part Two: Spirits in Anatole]

[Part Three: DA Coins + Spells vs. The Mist]

[Part Four: Taking an Active Role (School)]

- I have reached a dead end where the Ruins are concerned. I can sense that Anatole's Magic - if you can call it that - is stronger amongst them, however I have no way of seeing what spells were used without a wand or other Magical object to focus on. Prior Incantato needs such an object to be effective, obviously. But I haven't given up hope. Perhaps with one of the many events or curses that plagues the citizens of Anatole, something will be revealed.

- I have collected samples of soil, vegetation and rock from various points around Anatole. If this place is steeped in Magic - which I think it might be - perhaps I will be able to discover Magical properties in said samples. It's a long-shot, but this might help answer my question about where the so-called guardians of Anatole get their Magic. Is it inherent like my world or is it something they can draw from the land?

- After the chaos of needing to evacuate Anatole, I think it best if I learn self-defense. Sometimes spells aren't the answer.

- If they are able to craft some brooms, perhaps I should try to fly. There might be something worth seeing in the sky. It also might be helpful to see Anatole from an aerial view. I will just have to overcome my fear.

- Almost a year. Almost a year. I can't focus on that. Lately, I have been reading about the animals that can be found in and around Anatole. Though some of them are obviously too dangerous to meet, I have to wonder if they too possess Magical powers? Like unicorns or dragons or phoenixes.

I'm not sure how to gather samples from them, however.

- Is the area around the Ruins becoming territorial? Or are the ever-growing vines simply a facet that I never focused on before? If the former is true, could I be the cause of the hostility? Have I stumbled across something important unknowingly? I would rather not entertain that notion, but it is fascinating to think of Anatole (Ruins included) as a living, sentient being. Perhaps those that control it are quite literally tied to the land. It would certainly explain the Mist and the odd effects it can have on the animals and residents alike.

[She pauses here and draws a chart:

Those Who Dominate Anatole = The Land of Anatole; Metaphorical Touch of Those Who Dominate Anatole = The Mist.]

Intriguing, yet proving it would be nearly impossible in my current position.

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- Supposedly ruled by "deities".
- Said "deities" are responsible for "cursing" the citizens from time to time.
- Curses can be embarrassing as they reveal information of a personal nature.
- Ginny and Percy are residents of the City.
- Others from our world have also been residents at one time or another.
- Time stops in our world. (No one will notice I'm missing.)

- There is little to no regard for the personal morals of those in the City.
- I fear the so-called Deities will stop at nothing for entertainment.
- Even with the presence of Ginny and Percy, I don't feel safe. How long will it be before I am put in a terrible situation? Will I be able to forgive myself if I do something atrocious?

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