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[series]: Harry Potter
[character]: Hermione Jean Granger
[character history / background]: Her history.
[character abilities]: Her abilities.
[character personality]: Witty, sharp and rather obsessed with self etiquette, Hermione can come on a bit strong, which might very well be the reason many take a disliking to her. She is mentally above her classmates, but unlike what one might expect, this does not cause her to have an ego. Hermione is relatively down to earth, but when her logic fails her, she has a hard time seeing the point of view of anyone else.

Yet, over the years, Hermione has become more adept at interacting with others (and not driving them crazy with her "know-it-all" speeches). While her intellect sets her apart from her classmates, there is another issue that puts her at a slight disadvantage in the Wizarding World. Overall, Hermione is proud to be a Muggleborn. She finds it intriguing to be able to see both worlds clearly. This, to her, is an advantage. In many ways, she shares this knowledge with Harry. It is my opinion that this is one of the reasons why they are such good friends.

However, her blood status is also a weakness for her. When called ‘Mudblood’ or demeaned before a person realizes what she is capable of doing, Hermione fights back the tears in her eyes. (Though, even while in the midst of tears, the witch is formidable - as Draco Malfoy found out in their Third Year.)

Above all things, Hermione has a good heart. Her mind might wander onto venues that matter to no one else but her, yet her heart is always true. She would willingly die for any of her friends/family, and she has a tendency to stay up late at night worrying about a certain black haired boy with a lightning shaped scar.

Hermione is relentless when it comes to seeing to Harry and Ron’s well-being in particular. Whenever they fight, she finds herself emotionally torn between them. When Ron left her and Harry during their Seventh Year, she was especially upset. In fact, she was practically inconsolable until he returned. (Yet that might be more because of her feelings for Ron and less because of her worry over her friendship with the boys.)

In the end, Hermione values her friends/family over any knowledge she could obtain. She is a true Gryffindor and she will do the right thing when push comes to shove. Actually, she will probably do the right thing before push comes to shove, but she can be counted on to act when the chips are down.

(Additional Note: Rowling stated that Hermione and Dumbledore are her "voices of reason", so Hermione's "job" (so to speak) became even more important after Dumbledore died.)

[point in timeline you're picking your character from]: Not long before Ron leaves Hermione (and Harry) in their travels. Hermione is in possession of the Locket.

[journal post]: {It figures that Hermione would be able to use the communicator quickly. Her voice is transmitted over the network not long after she arrives. She sounds...unnerved, to say the least.}

...did I accidentally touch a Port-Key? {Perhaps this very device is the Port-Key. But it's useless now. She knows that much.} Can anyone hear me?

{She refuses to give her name. One must be cautious, especially considering what she is wearing around her neck.}

I need to know the name of this city. {And, from there, she can hurry back to Harry and Ron. Hopefully.} Surely I am still in England?

{If she's not, her plan may not work. Apparating across international barriers is a good way to be trapped by the Ministry of Magic. Hermione's stomach churns at the very thought.}

I'm just a bit lost. Any help you could give me, I would appreciate. Thank you. {She ends the feed with a small, nervous sigh.}
[third person / log sample]: "I'll take the watch tonight." Hermione lifted the locket from around Harry's neck, "Get some sleep." she secured the locket around her neck and glanced at Ron.

He was still listening intently to the radio. But it was comforting for him. Hermione knew what - or, rather, who - he was listening for and it made her heart ache. Even if he heard the names of his family, there was nothing he could do for them out here.

"See you in the morning, Ron." she murmured, hoping against all reason that he would look up at her and smile. It had been ages since she had seen either one of her best friends smile. Not that she could blame them. There was nothing to smile about.

Ducking under the tent flaps, Hermione walked out into the night air. Inhaling deeply, she stretched and tucked the locket under her shirt. The moment the Horcrux touched her skin, her mind felt clouded. There was something dark on the edge of her consciousness. Truth be told, Hermione didn't want to think about it too much. Whatever it was, she didn't want anything to do with it.

Leaning forward, she added a stick to the fire, and edged closer. It was a chilly night.

At least that will keep me awake.

Closing her eyes, the witch drew her coat around her and rocked back and forth. The sounds of the forest surrounded her and she quickly learned which were innocuous and which were out of place. Tonight, there weren't many sounds she couldn't place. That was good.

We could use a break.

Biting her lip, Hermione fished in her bag and pulled out a book. Opening it on her lap, she tried to read by firelight. Unfortunately, the fire wasn't bright enough. Looking around cautiously, she took out her wand and lit the tip.

Page 256...

Hermione was back in her element. As she read and filled her mind with (possibly) pertinent information, she relaxed and ignored the dull pounding of the Locket against her heart. She would not think about how said pounding felt like a heart-beat. She would not think about the danger they were in or how far they were from home (and Hogwarts). All that mattered at the moment was the book in her lap. Everything else could wait.

[second third person sample]: How many weeks had it been since they had left the Burrow? Hermione had lost track. She knew it was getting colder and the nights seemed longer, but, other than that, she was completely unaware of the date.

We'll miss Christmas.

That thought did nothing to comfort her. In fact, it only reminded her of everything - and everyone - she had left behind. Though her parents were Muggles, they had always been so accepting of her Magical talents. Part of her worried that they would change their minds after the war ended. Who could blame them? She had wiped their memories clean and then sent them to Australia. Anyone sane would be spooked that their daughter could do that.

But it had been for their own good. Again and again Hermione reminded herself of that fact. Yet that didn't stop her from feeling guilty as she kept watch over the camp at night.

Tonight was one of those nights. Reaching inside of her shirt, she clutched the Horcux in her fist and wished, briefly, that she could crush it. Even if she had the strength, there was no telling what kind of effect that would have on her. Voldemort's soul might enter her and use her as a puppet. Shivering in disgust, she dropped the locket back against her chest and wrapped her arms around her knees.

It...was for the best. He would've found them and killed them.

That was the plain, cold truth. Squeezing her eyes shut, Hermione fought back tears.

They're safe. The war can't reach them.

She knew there were many, many other Muggles (and Muggleborns) that weren't nearly as safe. Wiping at her tears, she lifted her head and glowered at the dancing flames. She had no room to cry or feel sorry for herself. She was proud of her heritage. She was proud of being a witch and she was proud of being a Muggleborn. Not many people knew what it was like to live in both worlds. No one was going to make her feel bad for...for something she couldn't help! Actually, it was something she didn't want to help.

Glancing back at the tent, she spotted the sleeping forms of Harry and Ron. A small, sad smile touched her lips. She was so lucky. Perhaps it wasn't so extraordinary that Harry was one of her best friends. He was from the same background, after all. But Ron...

He didn't have to befriend me. He's a Pureblood.

Even though she agreed that a person's blood-line was a stupid way to estimate their worth, she did have to acknowledge that he had taken a significant risk when he didn't have to. The Weasleys could have...sided with Voldemort. They would have been accepted. Yet they chose to stand up (and stand by) people like her.

They know what matters.

Tucking her hair behind her ears, Hermione looked up at the stars and inhaled deeply. The final battle would come eventually. She would fight side-by-side with her best friends and do the best she could to end Voldemort's reign of tyranny. She was certain the world would be a much, much better place once he was dead. Then, Harry would be free and the Muggleborns (and Muggles alike) would stop living in fear.

We'll make it through this. We will.

Rocking back and forth, Hermione repeated this mantra over and over again until her heart slowed to a bearable pace.